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The team

Essarbois is a company on a human scale, where every member of the workforce works as a team to combine their different skills and expertise to satisfy the client.

This team work is essential to honour our commitments and deadlines, which are often very tight, and involves transparent and effective communication with all those involved: suppliers, clients, partners, logistics. 

Choosing the species

Several "people / sources" in the company ensure the regular supply of veneer and solid wood as a function of current trends and orders; they also ensure quality control: drying, classification, stock taking.

When working with the network of suppliers at the reception of raw materials, particular attention is given to exceptional batches, which are reserved for clients in need of wood with specific characteristics. 

  • Chêne Art

The solid wood workshop

Here we prepare solid wood, which is sold as it is, but it also houses a team of experienced operators capable of delineating, sawing, splitting, machining, and calibrating all wood received in the form of lots and sawn edged timbers.

The machine park, and the skills and reactivity of the men and women who work there, enables us to process orders of all sizes with the shortest possible turnaround times.  

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The veneering workshop

In a space consecrated to the receipt of veneer by the client, another dedicated team carefully prepares the batches of sawn wood in accordance with the user's specifications.

Skilled use of a "dedicated" specialist software program ensures accurate monitoring of the inputs and outputs of packets of veneer according to quality criteria and traceability. 

  • Equipe Essarbois


The administrative team completes the synergy of the work in the workshop and shop-floor by being the essential link in the PURCHASING - PRODUCTION - SALES - INVENTORY - WASTE MANAGEMENT - RAW MATERIAL - TRACEABILITY chain.

It ensures the rigorous monitoring of cash flow for raw material inputs and outputs and reports all useful information to ensure customer satisfaction.

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